NTFS Data Recovery Software restore deleted files from windows NTFS hard drive.

Stop searching for the best, your hunt ends here.

The only software promising the most swift and effortless recovery of formatted or deleted NTFS Data is all set to put aside your troubles and deliver the efficiency you just can dream of.

Our Vision

The Sun never demands for people to be employed to lift it up and place it in the sky. Agree? Yes, you do. So why use Recovery Softwares which demand special skills and technical knowledge? Trouble-free and the most proficient recovery of NTFS Data was the vision towards which our experts were dedicated while designing Quick Recovery for NTFS. Now, restoration of deleted files from NTFS Hard Drive will not be a tough task.

Why are we so sure?

Quick Recovery for NTFS is relied upon and has been declared as the most competent tool to recover NTFS files from corrupt NTFS Volume. NTFS data recovery software is capable and skilled to retrieve NTFS Data from formatted Hard Drive. To maintain the highest level of its user-friendly approach, the software offers a preview of the recovered data prior to saving it which enables the user to focus only at what is really required.

Quick Recovery for NTFS is an uncomplicated and undemanding Recovery Software which can be trusted to deliver best results in adverse circumstances of corruption or deletion of NTFS Data. NTFS recovery software supports file recovery from Windows NT, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 & 8 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 based NTFS Drive.

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Version: 12.08.06   Size: 3.5 MB

Critical situations demanding the need of Quick Recovery for NTFS –

  • Virus Attack rendering the Partition inaccessible
  • Corruption of Master File Table (MFT)
  • NTFS Partition accidentally formatted by end-user
  • Documents, emails, pictures and videos turning unreadable
  • Vital files deleted using Shift+Delete

Attributes favoring the employment of Quick Recovery for NTFS –

Effective and Comprehensive Recovery of removed files: The software uses the most advanced techniques for the restoration of deleted NTFS files and folders

Competitive restoration of deleted Partitions: The software promises the most inclusive and proficient recovery of NTFS Partition from Windows Hard Drive

Unique feature of different Recovery modes as per the requirement: Equipped with four modes, Quick Recovery, Exhaustive Recovery, Raw Recovery and Disk Imaging. The user can select anyone as per the need of the hour

Successful and Exclusive recovery of formatted NTFS Disk: Designed to deliver finest recovery results in case of formatted NTFS and NTFS5 Partition

An Extension to the list of attributes:

  • Proficient to recover all types of files (Word/Excel/Access/PowerPoint)
  • Able to restore all Email Files (MS Outlook/Outlook Express/Lotus Notes)
  • Unicode Multiple Lingual Support
  • Excellence in Cloning/Imaging of Hard Disks with Bad Sectors
  • Smart in recognizing drives even if MBR, Boot record and Meta tags are not present
  • Well-guided and simple steps to recover the data
  • This software supports all the versions of Windows OS, specifically Windows 8 and 7 too

Effects of Master File Table (MFT) corruption and the Resolution:

MFT errors are the cause due to which the booting process may get terminated. This renders all the stored data inaccessible and the user is not able to read any information from the Hard Drive. Quick Recovery delivers the most trusted MFT Recovery Software to fix MFT corruption and regain the data in readable format.

Verify before you consider:

We appreciate the fact that a user should always test and then believe. We are so sure about the results that a Demo Version of Quick Recovery has been designed so as to enable you to try before you decide to buy the software. Just an easy and swift download and you are ready to experience a magical ride.

Please remember that the Demo Version enables you to view deleted NTFS files and data, however restricts the saving of the recovered data.


Download Demo Version of Quick Recovery for NTFS - NTFS Recovery Tool to Recover Forrmatted NTFS Data.

Supported File system and Operating System:

File Systems supported

  • NTFS and NTFS5 file system

Operating System

  • NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2000/2003/2008


  • 512 MB (Windows XP, Windows Server 2000/2003)
  • 1 GB (Windows 7, Windows 8 & Vista, Server 2008)

  • 800 MHZ processor or higher
  • 50 MB available Hard Disk space


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